Thank you for your interest in supporting PRAY LOVE HEAL. This non-profit Christian ministry is funded exclusively by the generous gifts of supporters like you.

When you give to PRAY LOVE HEAL you are:

  • strengthening a global community of praying people
  • offering needed encouragement and practical help to people with spiritual, emotional, and relational needs
  • equipping praying leaders to engage their networks and communities with messages of hope, compassion, and support
  • educating people about the deeper story of human brokenness that isn’t often shared in pop culture and mass media
  • creating safe places for healing and dialogue in churches, homes, apartments, and dorm rooms everywhere

You can support PRAY LOVE HEAL with one-time gifts of any amount or easily set up automated monthly donations, which are especially helpful.

* PRAY LOVE HEAL is a missions project of The Brushfires Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.


Your gifts contribute to this mission in the following ways:

  • A $25 gift allows us to distribute incoming prayer requests to our prayer teams for a day
  • A $50 gift pays for a month of email and hosting costs
  • A $100 gift covers half of our monthly design costs
  • A $750 gift pays our prayer coordinator for two weeks
  • A $2,000 gift supports an entire month of ministry (This includes funding the prayer coordinator’s stipend for that month, all graphic design costs, email and hosting services, and administrative costs.)

Prayer Leaders and Site Sponsors

We have a special program for individuals and organizations that want to become praying leaders. Joining at this level opens up a library of resources to guide your own local or church prayer outreach. This is also a greater way to strengthen our outreach to the broken.

Click here to learn more.