PRAY LOVE HEAL is a global community that PRAYS for spiritual, sexual, and relational wholeness, offers the LOVE of God to those in pain, and invites the Holy Spirit to HEAL our deepest wounds. We educate people about deep human needs and equip them to pray for healing and wholeness in their own and others’ lives.




Guiding a prayerful response to spiritual, sexual, and relational brokenness.


A thriving global prayer community that changes lives.


  1. Fostering and strengthening a global community of praying people.
  2. Offering needed encouragement and practical help to people with spiritual, sexual, relational, and emotional needs.
  3. Equipping praying leaders to engage their networks and communities with messages of hope, compassion, and support
  4. Educating people about the deeper story of human brokenness that isn’t often shared in pop culture and mass media.
  5. Creating safe places for healing and dialogue in churches, homes, apartments, and dorm rooms everywhere.

Who we are

PRAY LOVE HEAL is a collaborative global Christian ministry comprised of individuals, families, churches, businesses, and other organizations working toward spiritual, sexual, and relational wholeness. We believe that prayer is an essential aspect of healing especially as it fosters and strengthens a right relationship with Jesus Christ.

Prayer isn’t the only answer, though. By collaborating with other healing ministries, PRAY LOVE HEAL is able to educate people on the deeper story of human brokenness and equip them with practical and hope-filled resources. We encourage you to learn more about the collaborating organizations that support us here.

PRAY LOVE HEAL is a mission project of The Brushfires Foundation, which manages its daily outreach.

Our history

PRAY LOVE HEAL was birthed in collaboration with several ministries and individuals who felt a greater need to mobilize Christians to pray over spiritual, sexual, and relational brokenness. We felt that too often we were only looking for human solutions to challenges that also had significant spiritual dimensions.

Through a series of prayer meetings in 2013 and 2014, the idea of a dedicated outreach was formed. In December 2014, nearly 50 individuals came together to raise the seed money for this ministry through a successful crowd-funding campaign. Over the course of the next year we field tested ideas, developed a name and brand for the ministry, and built our website and email capabilities.

Now that we have launched, we are finding support from many others who wish to play a vital part in the spiritual, sexual, and relational healing of the world.

What would you like to do?