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Prayer of a Single Parent

My Lord and Holy Companion,

I am alone in the awesome task of making a home.

I ask Your Holy help

to show me how to take on the responsibilities
of both mother and father.

Direct my heart

so that I may dispense the qualities of both parents,
of gentle compassion on one hand,
of firm discipline on the other;
may I transmit true tenderness coupled with true strength


These twin talents of the masculine and feminine

are both within me,
but it is difficult, Lord,
to balance their daily expression in our home.


The days are long and the nights lonely,

yet, with Your divine support,
the impossible will unfold as possible,
and our home will be more than a house.


My efforts to be two persons

find my time directed to a great degree
toward the needs of others;
yet I, as well, am in need of comfort and love.

Let my prayer,

my Lord and Secret One,
renew my energy
and remind me that I am not alone.

For you, my Lord, are with me!


The pathway of tomorrow is hidden from me;

perhaps it is just as well.

May the unknown future

only cast me into deeper trust and love of You
and fill my heart
with love enough for two. Amen


by Edward Hays, in Circle of Grace by Gregory and Suzanne M. Wolfe, pp. 297-298. © 2000.