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Guiding a prayerful response to brokenness
We are a global community invested
in the spiritual, sexual, and relational
healing of the world.

​Our prayer focus this month​



Shepherd: Prayers for Christian leaders

Dear friends,

One of the most important jobs today is also one of the most thankless and lonely. Pastors have a great responsibility to deliver the good news of Jesus Christ to a world in desperate need of a Savior. Yet, these ministers of the Word are often in need of ministry to their own souls. As we take time this month to honor and celebrate our pastors, let’s also recognize that they are broken humans just as we are.

Their marriages are often strained and their children aren’t always well-behaved. They may feel frustrated with job stresses and may struggle to lead a vibrant life of faith. Many are also sexually broken, although we don’t like to consider that. Because we expect so much from them, we trap them in a cocoon of their own status, leaving them even more vulnerable to temptation and falling.

If our churches are to be places of safety and healing for a lost and dying world, our pastors must be refreshed and healed in their own points of pain. Just as Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms in battle, let us support our pastors in prayer, word, and deed.

Join us for a ten-day campaign of prayers for the safety, support, and healing of pastors.


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