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Guiding a prayerful response to brokenness
We are a global community invested
in the spiritual, sexual, and relational
healing of the world.

​Our prayer focus this month​



Honor: Prayers for men in a sexualized culture

Dear friends,

Seeing men live up to their calling is an amazing sight to behold. Defenders, fathers, supporters, encouragers, warriors, and servant leaders—these are the ones who we call upon in times of trouble. Yet, this high calling is increasingly threatened by a culture that seemingly wants to destroy such goodness.

Men in popular culture are routinely depicted as lazy, selfish, sexual animals that have no regard for anything but their own well-being. And, as millions of boys are raised on such messages, these depictions are becoming self-fulfilling prophecies. Perhaps the greatest violation of men occurs in their sexuality. Where the Bible has given men a calling to serve others in love as Christ did, too many of us have fallen to the temptation to serve ourselves at the expense of others. The strength and courage we should nurture has instead become lustful and violent. Men are often not safe, and this is a tragedy for all of society.

Men need our prayers. They need support and encouragement to find their true identity as husbands, fathers, and love-givers.

We welcome you to join us this month for a ten-day prayer campaign for the protection, support and encouragement of godly men.


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