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Guiding a prayerful response to brokenness
We are a global community invested
in the spiritual, sexual, and relational
healing of the world.

​Our prayer focus this month​



Prayers for women in a sexualized culture

Dear friends,

The Sexual Revolution has betrayed us. Instead of personal liberation, our culture has become addicted to the enslavement of unrestrained sexual indulgence. The break-up of families, personal heartache, sexual diseases, crushing loneliness, and spiritual desolation are the bitter fruits that grew out of the rejection of the Christian understanding of sexuality, relationships, and the human person.

Uniquely damaged is our understanding of true femininity. In our quest to raise the status of women (good) we have lowered them to the basest qualities of men (very bad). We violate the feminine mystery of the body in pornography, attack women’s natural and godly fertility in pop culture and through abortion, and sexually exploit women in every conceivable communications medium. Even very young girls are under attack.

The War on Women did not begin recently. It started all the way back in the Garden of Eden. From the beginning, we had an enemy who hated the life-bearing and nurturing qualities that women possess. That war has only intensified throughout the ages. We are in a cosmic battle to retain and restore the dignity of women as we stand against a culture that willingly destroys the gifts they bring to the world.

Join us in this ten-day campaign to pray for women in a sexualized culture. May the glory of God be revealed!


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