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Guiding a prayerful response to brokenness
We are a global community invested
in the spiritual, sexual, and relational
healing of the world.

​Our prayer focus this month​



Innocence: Prayers for the protection of children

Dear friends,

It is often said that children are the hope of the future. If this is true, society today seems to have abandoned that hope for self-centered excess. Harsh words, perhaps, but not if you look at the assault on children today.

Through no fault of their own, many children today are likely to grow up without one or both parents, live in or near poverty and be exposed to incredibly cruel and distorted sexuality on TV, in music, video games and even in school sex-education lessons. Our children are growing increasingly sexualized at younger and younger ages, increasing their confusion and fears for their own future.

It need not be like this, but change will be difficult to achieve without a groundswell of prayer and parental involvement. If children are the hope of the future, we need to dedicate ourselves to planting the seeds of spiritual, sexual and relational wholeness that will blossom as they grow and bear fruit for years to come.

We welcome you to join us this month for a ten-day campaign of prayers for the innocence of children.